Australia’s best pie has been crowned

Australia’s best pie has now been crowned, and it’s a far cry from your traditional beef pie. 

The winning combination has raised some eyebrows among the ‘Today’ panel, and we can understand why.

After more than 1700 pies and pasties were tasted, the Satay Seafood Pie from Country Cob Bakery from Victoria took out the top prize.

Chan Khun, who is the chef behind the delicious creation said that the pie doesn’t need to be paired with sauce in order for it taste delicious.

Chan Khun winning the Australia’s Best Pie Awards/ FacebookThe awards are held by the Baking Association of Australia, and pie aficionados are closely judging filling, pastry, presentation, creativity and flavour.

Head Judge, Stewart Latter knows what he’s looking for when he’s examining the pastries.

‘If the pie meat is too sloppy, like too runny, there is nothing worse than eating a hot pie and you end up with it all over yourself or if the pastry is not baked enough’ he told 9News.

Khun is no stranger to taking out awards for his pastries. Last year, he won the award for the country’s best plain mince pie.

Country Cob Bakery Kyneton/ FacebookWe’ll leave you to be the judge of whether the seafood satay pie appeals to you.

Other wise, we’ve put together a collection of saucy pies to gore on if this has suddenly got your appetite firing.


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Baking Association of Australia crowns Country Cob Bakery’s satay seafood pie as nation’s best

Judges have taken on the enviable task of tasting nearly two thousand pies from across the country to find Australia’s best.

And while the baking industry’s peak body would say the trip to country Victoria to get your hands on it was well worthwhile – don’t expect something traditional.

That’s because the winner is in fact a satay seafood pie.

The eight judges on the Baking Association of Australia agreed it deserved top billing at the 2018 Australia’s Best Pie Competition after getting through more than 1700 pies in total.

And although the contents might not be to everyone’s taste, the baker behind the delicacy said it’s not what’s on the inside that counts.

Chan Khun took home seven gongs in total for his pies at the national competition.Chan Khun took home seven gongs in total for his pies at the national competition.

“Everyone loves pastry,” baker Chan Khun told 7 News.

“They love crusty and crunchy… we have to get the right consistency.”

And if his performance at the competition is anything to go by, he’s certainly getting it right.

Mr Khun, who took over the Country Cob Bakery just two years ago, went home with a total of seven awards from the Gold Coast based competition.

So if seafood isn’t your thing you can opt instead for Australia’s best mince pie, or Australia’s best vegetarian pie and pastie – all at the baker in the Macedon Ranges in Kyneton.

The Cambodian born baker moved to Australia 14 years ago and concedes that he had never even heard of a pie.

He got into the business a year later however, and says he has strived for perfection ever since.

Perfection that has spread to pastry lovers around Victoria, many who now travel several hours to tuck into his award winning Aussie delicacy.

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Bakery raises the steaks with Great Aussie Pie win

Chan Khun at Country Cob Bakery with his award-winning pies. Picture:Rob Leeson.
Chan Khun at Country Cob Bakery with his award-winning pies. Picture:Rob Leeson.

Bakery raises the steaks with Great Aussie Pie win

KYNETON’S Country Cob Bakery has outdone itself with its latest win at the Great Aussie Pie Competition.

Despite numerous gold medal standard creations and some second and third placings in specific pie categories, the bakery had never won a national title at the awards.

But the pepper steak pie made at the Mollison St premises changed all that — winning the Tom Lindsay Pepper Steak award.

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Proprietor Chan Khun said the productive trip to Sydney for the awards around Australia Day yielded 10 gold medals, two silver and a bronze against more than 2000 entries.

Remarkably, the bakery has only been operating under the Cambodian-born Mr Khun for two years.

“We are always searching for new recipes and experimenting, whether it’s a sales rep or a customer, just to taste test,” he said.

Ryan Khun and Lina Hut, who won first and second place respectively in the apprentice category of the Great Australian Vanilla Slice Triumph for Country Cob Bakery last year. Picture: Tim Carrafa

“We ask for feedback each year from the judges so we are always trying to improve.”

Mr Khun said his first encounter with pies came when working in a Melbourne factory.

“All the workers went down to this portable van for their lunch and kept coming back with these pies,” he said.

“I finally had one and it was a completely different taste — there’s no pastries in Cambodia.”

A proliferation of wins by the bakery in a range of baking competition, including the annual Vanilla Slice Triumph, has seen a rise in visitors.

“Summer is slower than winter but we are getting the odd Bendigo or Melbourne visitor turning off the highway now just to come and see us,” he said.

Tom Lindsay was an American pie machine trailblazer whose ingenuity led to pie -making automation.

Reporter Barry Kennedy prepares to tuck into the award-winning pepper steak pie. Picture:Rob Leeson.


Reporter Barry Kennedy digs in deep, all in the name of research:

THE quick lunch on the go is almost daily reality for a roaming reporter.

So getting a pie on board promptly, while not for the same honourable calorie-boosting benefits a tradie requires, is worth gold to a reporter.

Country Cob’s pepper steak is peppery, and has a good consistent gravy and no air pockets lightening the load.

It’s delicious with a zesty aftertaste. Best of all it was the perfectly warmed — an overly hot pie can lead to disastrous consequences, both for the tongue and occasionally the front of the shirt.

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A Cambodian migrant is making Australia’s best pie

When Chan Khun arrived here, he’d never eaten a pie – now he’s won multiple awards for his pastries. (Audrey Bourget)
10 JUL 2018 – 2:56 PM  UPDATED 9 JUL 2018 – 11:54 AM

When I show up to Kyneton’s Country Cob Bakery on a Wednesday afternoon, I expect the place to be quiet, but every single table is taken and there’s a queue for takeaway orders snaking from the register. Things have been especially busy at this Macedon Ranges business since its seafood satay pie – by owner Chan Khun – was crowned the country’s best last month by the Baking Association of Australia.

1700 entries from 350 bakeries competed for the top award. While Khun is grateful, he’s not shocked by his victory. “It’s not a surprise because it took me eight years to become pie champion. Every night when I sleep, I dream of making pies for the competition,” he tells SBS Food.

The award-winning pie.

The award-winning pie. (Audrey Bourget)

“Satay seafood is something different in the market, usually you see satay with chicken or beef, but not with seafood,” he says of his prize-winning entry. Its satay sauce is mild enough not to overpower the fish and prawns, yet still be sweet and spicy. Khun says that poaching the fish in coconut milk is key. Luckily for curious diners, the pie is also available for $6.50 in his bakery, where it can be eaten on the spot or bought as takeaway, warm or cold.

Country Cob Bakery also scored other awards at last month’s competition on the Gold Coast, including best plain mince pie (for the second year in a row), best flavoured beef pie for its curry steak version and best vegetarian pie for its cheesy veg pastry.

"Every night when I sleep, I dream of making pies for the competition,” says Chan Khun.

Chan Khun’s winning pie beat 1700 entries from 350 bakeries. (Audrey Bourget)

Chan dreams of pies

Khun grew up in Cambodia and moved to Australia in 2004. “Coming to a new country, I had to try everything. I had my first bite of a pie and it was completely different from what I ate back home,” he says.

Working as an assistant baker in Melbourne gave him the confidence to study baking at TAFE for a year, then patisserie for another year. “I had to start work at two or three o’clock in the morning and as soon as I finished at eight or nine, I’d go straight to school, to baking class. During my lunchtime, I’d go sleep in my car,” he says.

“It’s not a surprise because it took me eight years to become pie champion. Every night when I sleep, I dream of making pies for the competition.”

His hard work paid off. Soon after finishing his studies, he bought his first bakery in Melbourne, before selling it and buying Country Cob Bakery two years ago, in the small Victorian town of Kyneton.

His sister Lisa and brother Ryan work with him. And their parents sometimes drop by on the weekend to offer a hand. “You can work with your family, but you have to each have your own thing. My sister works at the front, my brother makes the cakes and slices, and I bake pies and bread,” Khun says.

Straight from the oven: Thai curry pies.

Straight from the oven: Thai curry pies. (Audrey Bourget)

And they’re already thinking about the next pie competition in Melbourne and a vanilla slice competition in Mildura. “Flavour wise, we always try to finetune,” the baker says.

His current work in progress? A fish curry pie, inspired by fish amok, a traditional Cambodian curry cooked in banana leaves. There’s more to come, he promises.

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Country Cob Bakery

130-132 Mollison St, Kyneton, Victoria

Monday – Friday 6am – 4:30 pm

Saturday – Sunday 6am – 3 pm

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2017 Best Australia’s Plain Mince Pie & Gourmet Beef Pie Champion

PRODUCING some of the best baked goods in Australia is not a pie in the sky dream for one of the region’s bakeries.

Country Cob Bakery in Kyneton won awards for best gourmet pie and best plain mince beef pie at the 2017 Australia’s Best Pie Competition last week, which attracted entries from 388 bakeries across the country.

The award for best gourmet pie was bestowed on the bakery for its chilli con carne pie.

“Put a lot of love in there,” bakery owner and head pastry chef Chan Khun said when asked for his secret to a top pie.

He said the judges’ feedback revealed they liked the juicy, not-too-fine mince and the pastry.

The bakery has stood in Kyneton for many years, but Mr Khun took over the business just a little over a year ago.

He had been in the industry for about a decade, but said this year there had been a concerted effort to improve.

As well as its category-winning pies, the bakery also took home gold medals for its chicken, ham and leek pie and its Thai curry beef pie at the Baking Association of Australia-run competition.

Silver medals were awarded for its meat pastie, vegetarian pastie, chunky beef pie, butter chicken pie, garlic prawn pie and sweet chilli prawn pie.

Mr Khun and his team are no strangers to success: earlier this year the bakery won awards for its white bread loaf and Thai curry pie at the Victorian Baking Show.

The bakery has also been recognised for its vanilla slice.


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Ladies & Gentlemen! Your Australian Small Business Champions 2013

1814aGuess What? WE DID IT! WE WON!! We were honoured to be presented with the Award for Bakery/Cake Store in the Australian Small Business Champions Awards 2013 at a Gala Dinner and Awards Ceremony at the Westin, Sydney on April 13th. Go us!!

Our quote favourite quote from the evening:

“If you ever see a turtle sitting on a fence post, you can be sure he didn’t get there by himself”

We here at Country Cob Bakery would not be here,  20 years later if it weren’t for our amazing team of staff, our wonderful suppliers, our local community and our fabulous and loyal customers.We thank you for allowing us the opportunity to showcase our achievements to the rest of Australia. From the bottom of our bursting hearts…Thank you xx