Bakery raises the steaks with Great Aussie Pie win

Chan Khun at Country Cob Bakery with his award-winning pies. Picture:Rob Leeson.
Chan Khun at Country Cob Bakery with his award-winning pies. Picture:Rob Leeson.

Bakery raises the steaks with Great Aussie Pie win

KYNETON’S Country Cob Bakery has outdone itself with its latest win at the Great Aussie Pie Competition.

Despite numerous gold medal standard creations and some second and third placings in specific pie categories, the bakery had never won a national title at the awards.

But the pepper steak pie made at the Mollison St premises changed all that — winning the Tom Lindsay Pepper Steak award.

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Proprietor Chan Khun said the productive trip to Sydney for the awards around Australia Day yielded 10 gold medals, two silver and a bronze against more than 2000 entries.

Remarkably, the bakery has only been operating under the Cambodian-born Mr Khun for two years.

“We are always searching for new recipes and experimenting, whether it’s a sales rep or a customer, just to taste test,” he said.

Ryan Khun and Lina Hut, who won first and second place respectively in the apprentice category of the Great Australian Vanilla Slice Triumph for Country Cob Bakery last year. Picture: Tim Carrafa

“We ask for feedback each year from the judges so we are always trying to improve.”

Mr Khun said his first encounter with pies came when working in a Melbourne factory.

“All the workers went down to this portable van for their lunch and kept coming back with these pies,” he said.

“I finally had one and it was a completely different taste — there’s no pastries in Cambodia.”

A proliferation of wins by the bakery in a range of baking competition, including the annual Vanilla Slice Triumph, has seen a rise in visitors.

“Summer is slower than winter but we are getting the odd Bendigo or Melbourne visitor turning off the highway now just to come and see us,” he said.

Tom Lindsay was an American pie machine trailblazer whose ingenuity led to pie -making automation.

Reporter Barry Kennedy prepares to tuck into the award-winning pepper steak pie. Picture:Rob Leeson.


Reporter Barry Kennedy digs in deep, all in the name of research:

THE quick lunch on the go is almost daily reality for a roaming reporter.

So getting a pie on board promptly, while not for the same honourable calorie-boosting benefits a tradie requires, is worth gold to a reporter.

Country Cob’s pepper steak is peppery, and has a good consistent gravy and no air pockets lightening the load.

It’s delicious with a zesty aftertaste. Best of all it was the perfectly warmed — an overly hot pie can lead to disastrous consequences, both for the tongue and occasionally the front of the shirt.

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